Crab & 100yen wine bar in yoyogiuehara

Spread your fun at bar, that in an old place.
Cover charge with Queen crab and the best price of wine.
You can seat counter or table as you like.

Charge 600 / Tax not incl.
Open 18:00-27:00

Bartender’s Choice

House Wine Glass 100 / Bottle 700
Daily Wine Glass 500~ / Bottle 3000~
Draft Beer 500, Whisky 400~, Cocktail 600~
Steamed Queen Crab 100g 500
Creamy crab croquette 800
Crabonara 1000


Yoshiharu Nakamura

Expert:Italy Wine


zip 151-0066 Shibuya-ku Nishihara 3-21-1 1F2nd
It will take a minute’s walk from Yoyogi-Uehara Station.


Party Plan

<Regular Plan>
3000 (tax not incl)/4~30person/Reservation Only
10 Crab Cuisine for party event.

<Special Plan>
Special party plan that included total2.2Kg of Queen&King Crab (Ex.4person)
For your memorial event.

<Free Drink Plan>
1500~ (tax not incl)*friday,Saturday,before holiday 2000~(tax not incl)
2 hours(L.O.90min)/4~30 person/Reservation Only
Red & White wine, Beer,Whisky, Cocktail,Soft drink, you can choose this plan with other party plan.

Floor Reservation Plan

<All Floor Reservation>
100000~(tax not incl.)/20~40 person/Reservation Only

A house party for a floor charter. Of course not only various menus but also professional staff will actively respond to your request according to the contents.
It is possible to respond to the style of party by removing seats, as well as using at seated.
We can accommodate various receptions, you can also use bar space.
Ideal for various parties such as wedding ceremony, welcome reception party, New Year party, year-end party.


Please Contact from this Form

We’ll respond after you fill the form & submitted. If you are in hurry,Please Call us directly.

・Booking time【18:00~20:00】only.

・The reservation form will be accepted until the previous day.
Please use the telephone for reservations on the day.

・Please cancel the domain designation of “” when there is spam mail prevention setting.

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